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Before using this website and its contents, please carefully read these Terms & Conditions. You may only use this website if you agree to all of the terms and conditions stated here. You agree to and accept these Terms & Conditions by using this website. You must not use this website if you disagree with these Terms and Conditions. The Fare and Fly retains the right, in its sole discretion, to modify these Terms & Conditions periodically. General Terms and Conditions Before the flight's departure, payment must be realized for all goods and services the organization offers and guarantees. The tickets won't be sent until the check has been realized if it was made that way.

The Organization retains the right, regardless of the circumstance, to

  • If a ticket is cancelled before the departure date, the airline's liability is restricted to reimbursing the traveler for the amount paid for the ticket.
  • A tour, excursion, or facility promoted or published by the organization may be changed, altered, removed, or withdrawn. Any compensation, extra cost, or consequential loss incurred by the Traveler/Group would not be covered by the Organization's insurance. No one other than the Organization has the authority to change, add to, modify, waive off, or otherwise alter any representation, description, Terms & Conditions set forth here or in the Organization brochure, or any other Terms and Conditions regarding the Tour being booked by the Traveler authorized by the Organization.
  • The Traveler shall be entitled to the following if the Organization needs to exercise its right to alter or change any tour as advertised in its brochure or any other medium after such vacations have been reserved:

  • To continue the vacation or trip as revised or modified to accept any alternate vacation or excursion the Organization may provide. In neither of the abovementioned situations, the Organization will be liable to the Traveler/Group for any harm, additional costs, or consequential losses incurred by the Traveler/Group.
  • Under no circumstances shall the Organization be liable to the Traveler/Group for Any accident, death, illness, personal injury, loss, delay, increased cost, or consequential damages resulting from any misadventure or similar cause.
  • Any action or failure to act by an air carrier, a provider of travel-related services, or a servant or agent working for a provider of such services who may be in charge of offering travelers or groups services like lodging, food, or transportation, no matter how this is brought about. The word "howsoever caused" in this sentence also refers to any negligent behaviour on the part of a party.

  • The Organization's liability for any holiday, tour or excursion facility resulting from this contract in any way shall not exceed the total amount paid or agreed to be paid for making the holiday, tour, tour component, or excursion, and in no event shall include any consequential damage or additional expense of any kind. The prices listed in the organization's brochure(s) or quote are USD or the corresponding amount in another currency.
  • Additionally, the organization retains the right to adjust these prices in the event of currency fluctuations, changes in various exchange rates, and/or increases in gasoline prices before departure and to apply a fee for those adjustments. Any time such price hikes occur, they must all be paid in full. The responsibility for ensuring and maintaining proper travel documentation, such as a passport and visa, until the tour's conclusion rests with the traveler/group. The tour participant would be responsible for all potential consequences, and associated costs should any such travel document, such as a visa, be rejected, expire, or be cancelled by the authorities.
  • The Organization would not be liable for the situation mentioned above. It is the duty of the Traveler/Group to verify and maintain possession of valid travel papers, such as a passport and visa, until the tour is over. The participant would be responsible for all potential consequences, and associated costs should any travel document, such as a visa, be rejected, expire, or be cancelled by the authorities. Additionally, the Organization won't bear liability for the abovementioned issues. The cost of the insurance premium is not part of the ticket price. Any such premium expenses would be the responsibility of the Traveler/Group to cover. Throughout the entire journey and back, all tour programs as well as tour components are subject to laws, rules, and regulations. Any circumstance brought about by such laws or by an act of God would not be the responsibility of the Organization. Within 21 days of the tour's conclusion, the Traveler must notify the Organization in writing of any complaint they have regarding the tour (including complaints filed on their behalf by other Group members who submitted them through the Traveler). After the date mentioned above, no claim or complaint will be considered.

    All tour programs and components are subject to laws, rules, and regulations throughout the journey and back. Any circumstance brought about by such laws or by an act of God would not be the responsibility of the Organization. Within 21 days of the tour's conclusion, the Traveler must notify the Organization in writing of any complaint they have regarding the tour (including complaints filed on their own behalf by other Group members who submitted them through the Traveler). After the aforementioned date, no claim or complaint will be considered.

    By working with us, you consent to offer us the chance to address any disagreements you may have with our Privacy Policy, the Website, our agents, any services or products we provide, or any representations we make. You can do this by contacting The Fare and Fly Customer Service. You may file a small claims lawsuit or request mediation, as described in this section if we cannot settle your claims by the agreed-upon deadline.

    Except when you raise a Claim on an individual basis in court for small claims, if it qualifies for the same, all Claims shall be settled by a binding mediation instead of in court. This covers any claim you make against us, our affiliates, or any business we work with to sell goods or services. This also applies to any Claim that originated before you accepted the Terms & Conditions specified above, regardless of whether mediation was necessary under earlier iterations of the Terms & Conditions or not. The mediation process does not require a judge or jury, and the court has limited authority to examine the mediation award. However, a mediator can make individual awards of damages and relief, just like the court, and must uphold such decisions. American Arbitration Association (AAA) will conduct mediation by its own rules, including the AAA Consumer Rules. Except as stipulated in this section, all filing, administration, and mediation fees shall be paid by the AAA's rules. The mediation may be held over the phone, based on written submissions, in person in the state where you reside, or at a different place that has been mutually agreed upon. Any claims resolution proceedings shall not be undertaken as a class, consolidated, or delegated action but only individually. This Agreement is subject to the Federal Arbitration Act and federal mediation law. Any court with jurisdiction to do so may confirm a mediation decision. Prohibited Behavior The infrastructure that is used to offer the content and information on this website (which may include but is not limited to price and the availability of travel services) is either private to us or our affiliates or suppliers. While you are permitted to make a small number of copies of your travel itinerary, you agree not to alter, copy, transmit, distribute, display, perform, publish, reproduce, license, transfer, or sell any information, products, or services, and software obtained through this website for travel or reservations made through it.

You also concur not to:

  • Use this Website or any of its material for any commercial purpose.
  • Make any ambiguous, unreliable, or dishonest reservations.
  • Without obtaining the necessary permission from us, access or copy any information or content on this website using any automated method or manual procedure for any reason.
  • Violate this website's rules or attempt to get around other security measures in place to block or restrict access to this website
  • Take any activity that may or does place an unreasonable burden on our infrastructure.
  • Without our consent, deeply connect any area of this website (including, but not limited to, the purchase path for any travel service(s)).
  • Without our previous consent, you may not frame, copy, or otherwise incorporate any part of our website onto another. The Fare and Fly reserves the right to cancel any travel or service reservations associated with your name, email address, or account and to close any related.
  • The Fare and Fly accounts if your booking or account exhibits any indication of fraud, abuse, or any other type of suspicious Behavior. If you have engaged in fraudulent behaviour, you may be responsible for paying The Fare and Fly monetary penalties, including litigation expenses and damages. The Fare and Fly maintains the right to bring any legal action that may be required. Please contact The Fare and Fly Customer Service if you wish to protest the cancellation of a booking, the freezing of an account, or the closure of an account.


The Special Services are only offered upon request and are still entirely subject to each air carrier's evaluation and approval procedures. Name Misspelling - Travelers' names on their tickets do not match those on their passports or other recognized government identification Visa/Passport - You must submit a Visa/Passport refusal letter for a request to be processed. Luggage: It's a good idea to keep all of your receipts and baggage tags close at hand. No-Show: You must provide documentation explaining why you could not depart as scheduled. Denied Boarding: A mandatory document detailing why you were not allowed to board your scheduled departure Reproduction Tickets. You will need to produce copies of all your tickets showing the same itineraries you booked for us to process your refund request. Charged Taxes and Fees on the Published Price Flight Tickets To give a trip cost, government-imposed taxes and levies, as well as applicable airline costs, are either included in your fare or itemized individually on your checkout page. Your ticket price includes the applicable taxes in place at the time of purchase. The traveller may be liable for retroactive tax rate hikes. Entry or Exit Fees for overseas flights may be paid in addition to your fare or listed individually on your checkout page, as explained below.

  • Online/On-call Please be aware that all reservations you make through our website or our on-call travel consultants will incur a small processing fee. For U.S. domestic reservations, you must pay a processing fee of $25, and for international reservations, you must pay a processing fee of $75. Both fees are in addition to the quoted fare.
  • Fees for Paper Tickets If the issuance of paper tickets is necessary for your route, a shipping and handling fee will be applied. There will be an extra re-handling cost if your tickets need to be redirected or are returned because they were unable to be delivered. Note: Your contract will indicate whether this cost applies before purchasing.
  • Itinerary Changes/Cancellations/Refunds: If an airline's fare regulations allow for itinerary changes, the airline may charge a change fee, which normally ranges between $200 and USD 300 per ticket and varies by market, carrier, and particular fare rule. Additionally, a per-ticket Fare and Fly processing fee will apply to any modifications you make to your itinerary with Fare and Fly.
  • Baggage and Other Ancillary Airline Costs: Some airlines do not provide free baggage allowance, while others may charge you extra fees at the airport for specific services or if you go above certain restrictions set by the airline, such as the number of bags or weight allowed. Fare and Fly summarize the main terms of an airline's baggage fees during the booking process. Still, each airline should be contacted for detailed information on its baggage and other ancillary fees.
  • Costs for entry and exit: If you travel abroad, several nations or airports impose fees for entering and/or leaving the country. The ticket cost and the taxes and fees we list on our website before purchase do not include these costs. We advise you to visit www.travel.state.gov before departing for more details on entry/exit fees for particular countries.

General Guidelines The Federal Arbitration Act, federal mediation legislation, and, for reservations made by U.S. citizens, the laws of the state where your billing address is situated, without regard to rules governing conflicts of laws, shall govern these Terms & Conditions. Any jurisdiction that does not give effect to the elements of this Agreement, including this particular paragraph, is prohibited from using this website. You acknowledge that nothing in this Agreement or your use of this Website creates a joint venture, partnership, or employment relationship between you and Fare and Fly. All remaining elements of this Agreement shall remain valid, legal, and enforceable even if any portion of this Agreement is determined to be invalid, unlawful, or unenforceable. We are not giving up our right to enforce the same or any other provision(s) of this Agreement in the future just because we failed or took some time to do so in the past. About this Website, our services, and your interactions and relationships with us, this Agreement (and any other terms and conditions referenced herein) constitutes the entire Agreement between you and Fare and Fly. It supersedes all earlier/current communications and proposals, whether electronic, oral or written, between you and our panel, as with other business contracts and records created and maintained in printed form, a printed version of this Agreement and any notice issued in electronic form will also be acceptable in court, during mediation, and in any other administrative procedure. False names of businesses, items, persons, characters, and/or information described on this website are not meant to represent any genuine individuals, businesses, items, or events. Any rights that aren't expressly granted in this clause are reserved.